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This book is a story of one month of her work as a disaster relief worker in New York at Ground Zero shortly after 911. It will give you an inside look into the life and struggles of a person who walked into a chapter of American history and tried to make a difference in the lives she touched there.

Carefully written to protect the identity of any casework clients, this journal takes you with a relief worker into parts of the Zone unknown to the general public. It is a must read.

J. PATCH GUGLIELMINO lives in Healdsburg, California with her husband Lou. Besides being a humanitarian aid worker, she is a pen and ink artist and writer. She received recognition from the U.S. Senate for her exceptional humanitarian work, from the U.S. Congress for outstanding service to the community, a hero’s award from the California State Legislature for extraordinary compassion for her heroic efforts in New York, and was the California State Assembly Community Service Award Winner. She also received recognition from the Board of Supervisors in Santa Rosa, California for her team’s work at Ground Zero during 9/11. Her name appears on the Wall of Tolerance at the Civil Rights Memorial Center in Montgomery, Alabama for taking a stand against hate, injustice and intolerance.

She received her B.S. degree in Organizational Behavior from the University of San Francisco in 1999. She embraced the humanitarian values of the university and chose to work as a full-time volunteer in the disaster relief field. She has since worked in over twenty-four major disasters in the United States and Guam, and now continues her humanitarian work in a local hospital emergency room, and with a nearby police department.

Her working as a disaster relief worker eventually led to the assignment in Manhattan, where she worked for three months at Ground Zero as a family service technician.